6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Children's Dictionary

I am striving to balance my own interests while still building pieces that reflect the area where they are being sold.  I am a huge fan of Santa Fe/Southwest decor and I have always loved Native American pottery.  My house is filled with Native American treasures I inherited from my grandmother.  She taught school on a New Mexico reservation and had a fabulous collection of pottery, rugs, bead work and moccasins.  Since my home is decorated with Southwest themes, my family let me have my grandmother's Native American keepsakes.

I own a couple of very tiny, Hopi pots and have my hard drive filled with photos I've taken of pottery when we travel.  I picked a couple of my favorites for this dictionary page.  I was delighted when I discovered a children's dictionary with a Native American pot illustration on the page so everything came together to create this drawing.

I hope my gallery owner approves and likes this idea and finished product.


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