6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on High School Dictionary

This drawing of an antique dictionary was created for Santa Fe but didn't end up making the trip.  My Santa Fe gallery requests specific frames that are different from the frames I generally use for art shows.  When I was preparing for my New Mexico trip to restock the gallery, I only ordered eight of their frames.  My gallery owner wanted this drawing but I didn't have enough of her type of frames to include it.

He is now going on our trip to the East.  I spent my morning ordering frames and harvesting new pages to stock my booth at Grand Haven and at the Berkshires. This is my first time to build enough inventory to do two shows back-to-back.  I have a lot to accomplish in a very short time.  Even under the gun and in a rush, I am determined to create high quality work that I'm proud of.


gayle said…
I just came across some of your paintings on Pinterest. I LOVE the paintings on book pages. You are so talented!

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