Have Art....Will Travel Tour Commences

Today is the day we set out on our big, art adventure.  This is my first attempt to do back-to-back art shows and it's required a lot of planning and a lot of artwork.  Every art show is a gamble - you never know if customers will flock to purchase your work or simply walk on by.  We are spending quite a bit to be able to travel this far and stay on the road this long.  I sure hope we are prepared and successful. (Just breaking even will be a success)

This adventure starts with a day spent driving to Kansas City and then on the Chicago the second night.  We will arrive in Grand Haven on Friday with the show starting Saturday morning.

The only packing disaster was when a box of artwork fell out of the car and broke 6 frames and glass. The artwork survived and fortunately we had extra frames and glass and were able to rebuild everything. 


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