Our rural community recently built a huge, new, city library.  Our former library was in terrible condition with a badly leaking roof and cramped quarters.  No one could accuse this new space with being cramped.  I think the librarians might need roller skates to manage.

I was asked to exhibit my artwork in their art space long ago but just didn't have my inventory available or other obligations.  Today I was finally scheduled to hang some of my work.

I have to share that the library's hanging system and display panels are not particularly artist friendly.  The panels are made of solid, slick surfaces and the hangers are attached to stiff wires that dangle from hooks off the top of the panels.  To attach artwork you have to thread hangers on the wire and tighten each one down with screws.  My fingers have a few blisters after struggling to tighten each hanger so my framed, glass drawings wouldn't potentially fall and break.  It's a little scary to leave your work swinging like a trapeze artist and not firmly mounted to the wall.

It doesn't look like it but my husband and I (God bless my husband for being my right arm today) managed to hang around 35 pieces which will stay on display for a month.  My spring show circuit begins the end of April and I hope to add a couple dozen new pieces to this happy family before then.  I still have pieces for sale at galleries scattered around the Southwest and continue to have prints for sale online via Etsy.

We are fortunate to have this facility in our town.  This is the architect's drawing of the library and closely resembles the finished building.  Unfortunately there was quite a bit of uproar and controversy surrounding its construction but other than a few hurt feelings and some memorable city council meetings it finally is open and in use featuring my work briefly inside.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations :) And what a beautiful library! I'm glad that your town was able to upgrade. Regarding the system thy have for hanging artwork, I wonder if they asked an artist for input before setting it up? Well, I'm glad that you got them all bolted in place and feel they're secure :)
alarmcat said…
your library looks like a great place. i love hanging out at our local library!! congrats on your exhibit. wish i lived closer so i could stop by for a visit.

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