6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

Lately my dictionary drawings have been about the drawing (of course) but more about enjoying the wonderful words on the page.  I fell in love with this old page because of the variety of apple definitions it holds.  It has everything from apple to apple sauce.  My favorite is apple polisher with the example of "bringing an apple to the teacher."  This old teacher found that fabulous.

This was a tough page to work on because it was so thin, fragile and brittle.  Over the years I've learned ways to patch the page when it gives way to my attempts at mark making. I usually treat another page from the book and keep it handy to patch from behind.  You will notice a tear in the bottom left of the page that required some reinforcement.  That tear actually was on the page before I even started but I loved this page so much I still had to work on it.


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