7.5" x 10.75" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

I mentioned in a previous post how I snapped some great photos while traveling with my husband over Spring Break.  This piece was born from one of those photos.

We started our trek in Santa Fe.  It was a quick stop to check in at my gallery to visit and check my inventory then some awesome shopping and a great dinner.  We love to eat and eat and eat while we are in Santa Fe.  The city has amazing restaurants and we can't get enough of the fabulous green chile.  Another treat is trying all the varieties of margaritas featured at each restaurant.

For our evening we stopped into the historical La Fonda on the plaza which is just a block from my gallery The WOW! Gallery.  My husband and I both ordered a different margarita to share and try.  Both were, of course, excellent.  I had to grab a picture and try my hand at creating a dictionary drawing of it for the little bar series I am doing.


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