5.5" x 6.5" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

After three years of creating drawings on antique dictionary pages, I've revisited a number of subjects.  I love drawing birds and one of the birds that I believe has the best personality is an owl.  I like the symbolism, colors and expressions found on this bird.  There are lots of varieties of owl so I've had no shortage of styles and types to enjoy.

This fellow is drawn on an especially old page.  This 1890's book is such a treasure.  I also loved this particular page that ended the 'O' section and started the 'P' section.  Isn't this little guy a hoot (pun intended) -  He is so puffed up with his expression and his chest sticking out.  Now this owl has some attitude.

Here are the other two owl drawings I've done still available in prints.


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