What's on my studio desk

Summer shows are lining up and my first show of the season is less than a month away.  It's an extremely busy time in my classroom,too so I'm going a bit nuts.

I've spent the week pushing my students to finish competition pieces and have already matted over 50 pieces of their artwork.  I also made a fast trip to Kansas to pick up artwork from their last competition.  I've been trying to find time between classes to work on my own artwork but it's been difficult.  My classes are all changing units now so that means lots of time spent cleaning supplies before they are stored and organizing new supplies for upcoming units.  Out goes printmaking, pastels and tempera paint to make room for paper mache', watercolors and colored pencils.

Today I got to spend the day in my studio.  I dream of days like this when I have uninterrupted time alone to play in my art studio.  However, I am feeling the crunch to have enough inventory ready for my April art show.....mixed blessings.

My husband and I enjoyed a quick get-away over spring break and I took tons of photos for new pieces.  I am excited to start some drawings from these photos.  I took pictures of lots of old locomotives, some buffalo, the gorgeous margaritas we had with dinner one evening and a fabulous old pickup we discovered on the side of the road.

Today was a productive day.


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