9" x 12" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary Page

I've been asked to create an Angel page for some time.  I've debated about doing a male or female, child or adult - I just didn't know which direction I wanted to go.  So instead of thinking too hard, I just let my pencil take me where it wanted to go.  I started with a pencil sketch across this thin, fragile paper and I started first on the wing on the right side.  As that image started to develop I decided I wanted to create something pretty classical so I studied a lot of Roman and Greek sculptures to try to create some sort of flowing robe.

As she developed I also saw a heart like shape and then knew how I wanted to finish to composition of the figure inside the wings.  As always, the placement of the definition on the page had a lot to do with how and where everything needed to be placed.

I have lots of different kind of wings in my art studio - it is called "Flying Shoes" after all.  So I had lots of feathers and faux wings nearby while I worked.


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