12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary Page

Who couldn't all use a little good luck and I am amazed at all the charms or symbols of good luck.  Each culture has their own so I did a little research and drew some of my favorites on this terrific, old page.

I included a lucky penny, a wishbone, a ladybug, a rabbit's foot (I never understood that one), a horseshoe, some four leaf clovers, an ace of spaces, a lucky kiss, some Lotto balls, a gold fish, a lucky 7 hit on a slot machine, come dice and a maneki-neko (a Japanese beckoning or lucky cat).

This is one of my larger pieces which is actually draw on really old parchment that has had the dictionary page reproduced or as my printer says it - digitized on the paper.

Like I often do, I had to hide a few personal images on the page.  You will note some of the dice have six on them to represent my six grandchildren.  I also hid a little 60 partially on one of the Lotto balls since that is my age.


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