My artwork is on the left. The art on the right is being promoted as original artwork by a man named Brinkman in Dallas.  

Occasionally I discover someone plagiarizes my artwork and then promotes and sells it as their own.  I am always disappointed that some people are so void of ethical character and imagination that they steal to produce art and then claim it is theirs. 

I have been copied from time to time - most often by student artists who have discovered and admired my work so much that they contact me and ask permission. I am always thrilled to discuss my simple process and share with them so they can stand on my shoulders and do something even grander on their own. What an honor. 

These students and their quality teachers show great integrity and appreciation for the artists they enjoy. Unfortunately, would-be artists like Brinkman Artworks also found at need to be exposed when they obviously steal.


alarmcat said…
this is happening too frequently these days. a friend of mine had her artwork plagarized ... they even copied her signature!! I hope you can contact this person and tell them to remove the images from their site.

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