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I am blessed to live where my grandfather homesteaded, to have three beautiful daughters who are my best friends, to have six delightful grandchildren who live nearby, to be married to my sweetheart of 35 years and to thrill to the special magic of creating my own works of art. I'll never cease to thrill to witnessing new ideas and images come to life from the point of a pencil or splash of a brush. I am blessed.

Monday, May 31, 2010

"Fava Beans"

Most people have heard the famous movie line regarding fava beans but I don't know many people who have actually eaten them.  I found some at the farmer's market in Santa Fe and decided to add them to my OHMS series.  They are plump, green bean-like pods and the recipes I've found call for soaking or pureeing the seeds.

This is an 8" x 9" pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.  Also, a "shout out" to an anonymous friend who left me a comment regarding my misspelling of Mi-Teintes on my posts.  Thank you for catching my mistake.  As an art teacher I really regret that error and am grateful to be set straight.  I'm also grateful to think that someone out there actually follows my posts and cares enough to comment.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Michael and I found these organic carrots at the Farmer's Market in Santa Fe.  I've been wanting to create a long, vertical piece for the OHMS show and thought these would fit the bill. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Gift for Anne

Tom and Gloria Quaid generously hosted us recently at their lovely, Santa Fe home.  While we were with them we learned that they were anxiously awaiting the birth of their first grandchild.  In gratitude for their kindness, I asked if I could paint them something for the nursery.  Little Anne made an early arrival and their family is hoping she will soon get to come home.  The nursery is decorated in yellow with a nursery rhyme theme so I hope my offering will fit in.

We really enjoyed our time with the Quaids.  We discovered we share so many common interests and now that includes the joy of being grandparents.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Sliced Lemons on a Blue Plate"

I'm back in the saddle again working towards my June show in Amarillo, TX.  This weekend my daughter Kelsey and I made a trip to the produce section of WalMart and walked away with sacks filled with all kinds of potential still life subjects.

I decided to start out by slicing up some bright yellow lemons and displaying them on a blue, glass plate.  I really wanted to capture how the light shone through some of the slices and spent quite a bit of time arranging and rearranging the fruit to get that "looks-natural-look."

I abandoned the Sunflower Festival competition piece after I learned that the festival has cancelled this year's competition.  I hope to get back to it sometime after I get enough inventory ready for the OHMS show. I was really disappointed that they dropped that part of the festival but am looking forward to seeing the banners go up on mainstreet in the next day or so.

The next still life is already on the easel......

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I always have mixed feelings when a project is done.  I love seeing the final product but I am also sad that my relationship with the piece is over.....silly, I know.

Just finished putting a coat of gel medium to protect it from the elements and seal the paint. When that is completely cured, I will fold it up and deliver it to the gallery.  As is usually the case, I could continue to add new things and "pop" some more highlights and shadows but I really think I will call this one finished.I am way ahead of the deadline, which also feels REALLY GOOD. 

Now on to my acrylic painting of the Fancy Shawl Dancers for the festival competition.  I won the professional division last year and sold the piece and I'd LOVE to repeat that success.

Here is a close-up of the painting which I think shows the details on the decorative border.

I hope this year's banner catches someone's eye.  I am anxious to see it hanging on a light pole on mainstreet!

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Now the whole space is filled with images.  After I took this photo, I painted out the cone flower centered right under the butterfly.  Now comes my favorite part - putting in details, establishing strong values and high contrast and giving it some jazz.  Hopefully it will now come to life. 

I think I will fiddle around with the border by adding some pattern.  My daughter Lindsay started her own banner and I've discovered a number of good friends have joined in the project, too. 

I have the banner set up in my classroom next to my desk where I can monitor my students while they finish their portfolios, work on progressive print making or complete final watercolor assignments depending on which class they are in.  I've been fortunate to have my conference period right after lunch so I have a chunk of time in the middle of the day to concentrate on the piece depending on interruptions and paperwork.  I can't believe we only have three weeks of school left before summer break!