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I am blessed to live where my grandfather homesteaded, to have three beautiful daughters who are my best friends, to have six delightful grandchildren who live nearby, to be married to my sweetheart of 35 years and to thrill to the special magic of creating my own works of art. I'll never cease to thrill to witnessing new ideas and images come to life from the point of a pencil or splash of a brush. I am blessed.

Friday, December 11, 2009

"Three Gifts" 2009 Limited Edition Bookplate

Each year I create an ink bookplate to give to close friends and family. I usually start these time-consuming projects at the same time I start an ink unit with my second year students. For the past two years I have been creating the entire piece using the technique of stippling which involves creating an image using thousands of tiny dots or dashes. I love this approach even though it takes a great deal of time and patience. It is a lot like drawing with tiny little specks of black sand and the images seem to slowly appear.

For this year's design, I wanted to really challenge myself so I decided to create a border of snowflakes around a snowdome. My idea was to create a negative image of the snowflakes with no contour lines. When I teach negative space I always instruct my students to "draw the holes" instead of the image.

I have collected snowdomes and snowglobes since I was a very little girl. I still have my very first little dome. When we travel I love to pick up cheap plastic, souvenir snowdomes and have a wonderful collection. At Christmas I have a beautiful collection of glass snowdomes that mean a great deal to me.

I struggled with what I wanted to place in the globe. I really didn't want the final piece to be a Christmas piece but something my family could enjoy year round. I want each of my bookplates to have some personal significance and I finally discovered the idea of using three wrapped gifts. This past year has been a wonderful year filled with great surprises and generous gifts from friends and family. We have been greatly blessed in 2009.

The final bookplate will be scanned and personalized for each recipient. I also love to package my adhesive bookplates a different way each year. These are going to be wrapped in stamped vellum and decorated with paper punched snowflakes.

I welcome orders for personalized bookplates or prints of this piece. Just drop me an email for prices and shipping costs.
Again, I am grateful for a blessed and bountiful 2009 and hope that all who follow me enjoy this year's bookplate and have a wonderful holiday.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Miniature Art Show

The opening night reception of the Miniature Art Show was a wonderful success. We had great crowds and I got to visit with a lot of special friends and was surprised by the appearance of a lot of my former students. The little 3" x 3" art blocks seemed to sell really well. The show will be up through the holidays.

We are planning another special show the first of February.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miniature Art Show

The show's opening night reception is less than a week away. Here is the poster I designed to promote the gallery's event.

I am really excited about the great response we are having and hope that I'll have some nice responses to my new work and some sales.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Panhandle Redheads"

I have been planning to paint some red sorghum for years and have files of photos from the past few harvests. The red sorghum is becoming rare with new, resistant, lighter colored, varieties being used by more and more farmers. Having grown up on a farm, I always loved the rich colors of a field of grain.

A few days ago, Michael and I were out checking our geocaches and I waded into a field of sorghum, scared up a huge flock of pheasants, and gathered a few stalks. I put them in an old vase on my desk and decided to create a 6" x 6" study. I think these are going in a frame and will be the last of my new pieces for the Miniature Show.

It's time to move on and start this year's inked bookplate so I'm anxious to gather my resources and get started on that annual project.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've been working on little 6" x 6" colored pencil pieces on black mat board for the Nov. 18th miniature show. Our community has been covered with flocks of grackles and crows. I get a kick out of watching them strut around with so much attitude. I wanted to capture some of that personality and decided to add lyrics from the Beatles song "Blackbird" around him. He's already in a frame and headed to the gallery.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chimayo Chapel

6" x 8" colored pencil on black mat board
Some places have magical, unique characteristics and the little mission chapel located in Chimayo, NM is such a place for me. We travel there often and I think this is the third time I have done a piece with it as my subject. I have even collected little vials of the healing dirt found there. This tiny piece is now ready for the miniatures show scheduled for November 18th at our local Wild Horse Gallery.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Telluride Market Sunflowers

Have agreed to participate in the November 18th Miniatures Art Show & Sale at the local Wild Horse Gallery. It feels so good to be back on the easel. Since the work is supposed to be, well small, I have dug out my colored pencils and am working on little 6" x 8" pieces of black mat board.

Colored Pencils and Pastels are very similar which makes these great fun.

I took a number of quick photos at the Friday Farmer's Market while we were in Telluride, CO for the film festival and this painting is of a bunch of really frilly Sunflowers in one of the booths. I don't seem to get tired of Sunflowers.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time to clean out the studio

My art studio is becoming a little too "Grey Gardens" since granddaughter Lily's arrival, the start of school and our big Labor Day at the Telluride Film Festival. I have agreed to complete some new work for the Wildhorse Gallery's November Miniature's Show so I need to get in gear and dust off the easel. I am also loving a new figure drawing group we have started but decided to wait a while before I post any of those pieces. Stay tuned......

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nursery Artwork

"Family of Four"

Our daughter, Lindsay is expecting her second child the first of August so I decided to paint a new canvas for the new arrival. We don't know whether we will have a baby girl or another little boy. I decided to include their adorable, little yellow house.
"Family of Three"
This was a canvas I painted for the Skeltons two summer's ago when we waiting for our grandson, Tate's arrival. The Skelton nursery is decorated with a lamb/sheep theme.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Name Watercolors

Now that the festival is over I am catching up on commissions. For years I have created little watercolors as baby gifts and occassionally get a commission to create one for someone else.

This patron wanted the name Emma used and said the nursery was decorated with wooden blocks and owls. I paint the background and then cut-out the images and glue them on so they are 3-D. The little owl on top of the 'A' is my personal favorite.

This watercolor was actually created over a year ago for my grandson, Tate's nursery. My daughter wanted each letter of his name to represent something about him. She has collected Mr. Potato Heads for years, his dad worked for NASA, his young cousins call him Tape and his grandparents think he is the center of the universe all inspired the illustrations.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunflower Festival Report

Tempertatures were well over a 100 and the wind gusts were so bad that booth tents were more like parachutes but the Sunflower Art, Food and Wine Festival was a tremendous success for me. I hadn't shown my work like this for nearly 25 years and my "comeback" now gives me encouragement to push myself even more.

The last piece I painted, Sunflowers on Red, was the first piece to sell before I even had it hung. Friday night, a friend dealt with me to sell it to a contact outside Topeka, Kansas who saw it on my facebook posting online. Saturday morning, the sunflowers on violet sold to a local Bed and Breakfast. It didn't even have a frame and it almost didn't make the booth! So it was a good event for it's namesake.

Before the day was really underway, the event coordinator who also directs the little gallery which sponsors the event pulled me aside to tell me that "Running Antelope" had sold Friday night as well. "Running Antelope" and "Land They Belong To" were both entered in the People's Choice Competition with festival attendees voting throughout the day. "Running Antelope" has been at home at my daughter's home for over a year and was born as a demonstration piece in my classroom. I was thrilled and shocked to learn it had sold at a very good price. Just that sale alone had more than covered my expenses for the festival.

The rest of the day actually saw small crowds and few serious buyers with the heat and wind wearing everyone down. My banner was one of only three selected for a live auction which was fun to witness even though the proceeds went to the festival. But the one of the final highlights of the day was when "Running Antelope" was announced as winner of the People's Choice award with $500 prize money. I later learned that "Land They Belong To" was a very close second which really was a great surprise since I'd asked family and friends to all vote for "Running Antelope" and had abandoned promoting "Land." To have my two pieces top the competition of many very nice pieces was awesome!

So "Running Antelope" has a new home with an executive of Seaboard originally from North Carolina, the banner now lives with our hospital administrator and I came home with some pride and affirmation that other people appreciate what I love most.

Thank you, everyone, who helped me and made this possible!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Finally Finished

"Sunflowers on Red"

This is the last piece being created for the Sunflower Festival this Saturday. I had a very detailed painting of my great grandfather's homestead outside of El Reno, Oklahoma started but decided I needed to work on something a little less time consuming to finish out my frames. This one went quickly since it comes from a study I did for the main street banner. I just used a different palette for the bright red background. It is larger than most of the other pieces so the scan isn't as sharp and I didn't want to spend oodles of time puzzling multiple scans together.

There are other pieces I haven't posted and I think the scans don't look as vivid as the finished work so I hope folks who view all of this newwork up - close and personal - will be pleased enough to want to take something home.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"Green Grapes"

This is the next-to-the-last piece created for the festival. Thought it might be smart to create a rendering of grapes since so many vineyards are going to be at the festival for the wine competition. I had some green grapes in the frig and placed them on a green fiesta plate of my mothers. Forgive me, but I went back to purple for the background to harmonize with the green. I've turned the image sideways and think it might work in a frame turned a variety of ways.

"Three Red Apples"

My daughter, Kiley, suggested that I include a little still life of apples since so many women like to decorate with them. I found this plate in the alley behind my house and had to rescue it a few months ago and thought it was time to play with it. After this piece is framed, I only have two more pastels to complete for the show based on the number of frames I invested in. I am entering Running Antelope and Land They Belong To in the viewer's choice competition for the festival this afternoon and those pieces will hang in the gallery during the festival.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sunflower Landscapes

"Sunflower Field"
Time is running out with only days to go until the Sunflower festival and I am working to complete a half dozen little landscapes featuring regional scenes. SOLD

"The Dumas Sunset"
A few months ago we made a quick trip to see a movie in Amarillo where we enjoyed eating out and shopping. The way home featured a beautiful sunset just South of Dumas, Texas. I didn't take a photo for reference but worked this one from my imagination. The colors were amazing that night and I recall them reflecting from the brush.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Sunflower Works

"Teacup & Saucer" SOLD
I have more fun doing these little still lifes. I am curious to see if anyone finds them interesting.

We are home from a quick trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico to celebrate the end of another school year. The Sunflower Festival is in less than a week so I am busy finishing up my artwork and just starting the job of framing everything.

"The Fourth Street Elevator"

This old elevator sits just down the street from my home by the railroad tracks. I especially enjoy it when it reflects the light from a vivid, Panhandle sunset.

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Three Onions on Blue"

End of the school year has been particularly busy so the easel has been gathering dust. Here is the latest little still life pastel. I bought these onions some time ago with a number of other veggies ready to paint away. The onions are about the only things that haven't been tossed or eaten. I've got three Oklahoma sunsets about finished so things are working out for the Sunflower Festival Show.

Michael and I were tickled to see the banner has been hung on mainstreet. Mine looks good!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Costner Mailboxes

We frequently pass this family of mailboxes on our way to and from the local radio station where Michael works on weekends and during the summer. They are located at the end of Guymon's East street in front of the Costner's home. At one time this was a rural farmhouse but now the town has creeped up around the house. I have always been entertained by the individual personalities of this weathered, little group. The Costner clan has always claimed to be closely related to the actor, Kevin Costner.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


My littlest fan, my grandson Tate was fascinated with the painting. Tate, his mother and two aunts paid me a visit while I was just about finished with the banner for the Sunflower Art, Food and Wine Festival scheduled for June 6th. The local gallery sponsoring the event ordered twenty, canvas banners and invited local artists to each paint them. The banners are to be hung from the light poles on mainstreet before and during the festival.

The painting area of the banner is 24" x 49" inches. I decided to do the obvious choice of sunflowers. I bought a little bouquet of flowers at Wal-Mart which included a pretty wilted sunflower and then gathered up some artificial sunflowers I use in still lifes in my classroom. I created a swirled portal around the sunflowers and outlined the finished work in dark violet. I debated about adding the little heart in the center thinking it might be a little too cutesy.

The banner had to be sealed with gloss medium since it will hang outside in Oklahoma Panhandle weather for a few weeks. The finished banners will be auctioned during the festival. I am really anxious to see what my friends and former students do with their banners. I have reserved a booth at the festival and have ten pieces ready to go with a goal of twenty all together to sell.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Three Eggs on Blue"

I started making myself a tuna salad sandwich and ended up painting a still life instead. This little study measures 9" x 6" and is again on Canson Mi Tienes paper. I tried to leave the violet in the pastel box this time since everything lately has been getting very "purpleee." This piece is another for the Sunflower Festival in June. Now for some lunch!

"Violet Sunflowers"

This little 6.5" x 11" pastel is ready to be framed for sale at the local Sunflower Art, Wine and Food Festival June 6th in Guymon. I have a stack of pastel paintings in the works in hopes of having 20 new pieces ready to show and sell. I grow mammoth sunflowers each summer in my backyard garden and have files of photos of them to work from. I'm so Van Gogh that my childhood playhouse is next to the sunflower garden and it is painted Arles Yellow. Well, back to the easel where "The Costner Mailboxes" on Hurliman Road and "The Fourth Street Elevator" are waiting.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mother at the Gate

18" x 24" Pastel on Canson Mi Tienes Paper

I started this pastel painting years ago from a photo taken by my sister Melinda. I loved the bright colors of the morning sunrise and vividly remember my mother leaning on the back gate of the white picket fence anytime we drove away. Mother passed away ten years ago in February and I was intensely motivated to finish this piece as the milestone date of her death arrived. But neither Melinda nor I could locate the original photo I was using as a resource. I've stewed and torn my studio apart for weeks but haven't found the missing photo. When caught at home during this weekend's blizzard I pulled out the piece and plowed through finishing it from memory. I had to laugh while I was painting all those pickets. I never thought I'd paint white pickets again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seeing Spots Before My Eyes

There is just no end to what these little guys can turn into. These are all little 5 inch diameter pieces but they still take a lot of time to complete with layers of colors stroked into the canvas. I especially love it when they emerge with some personality. Hope you are enjoying watching them come to life!

Seeing Spots - Forks & Feathers

I am coloring away getting as many SunSpots as possible ready for a trip to Texas. I love using feathers and thought trying forks would be fun. The little pink feather was done a long time ago and has been waiting in a shoe box to be shown off.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little Sun Spots

Here are some of the little 5 inch round Sun Spots that are ready to be packed up and sent to San Antonio to what I hope will be a new home. I use the same process of painting each disk with black gesso then draw the images using colored pencils. These little guys haven't yet been varnished so the colored pencil marks can rub away if handled too much.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Giant Sun Spot

I discovered some Fredrix round canvases a few years ago and started creating what my daughter Kelsey appropriately named Sun Spots. I usually work on 5 inch diameter canvases but this giant guy was created on a 20 inch diameter canvas.

I gesso the canvas with black gesso and then create the image using colored pencils. I have to varnish them in order to keep the colored pencil from easily rubbing away. The rays are anything from ribbons to yellow pencils to forks depending on my mood. This big guy has lots of little, 5 inch brothers and sisters. Now I am itching to order some more big rounds and give him an even bigger family.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Everly Watercolor

I start watercolor units with my students next week so I've hauled out my tubes, paper and brushes and rearranged my classroom so everyone can get to the sinks. My daughter, Lindsay, asked me to create a dimensional watercolor painting for her niece, Everly for her birthday just as I had everything set up. I love doing this large dimensional pieces. I paint and embellish with colored pencils on 200 pound watercolor paper then cut out the little pieces with an X-acto knife. I then apply them around the page using little foam scrapbook adhesive tabs. I've done these for baby gifts for just about everyone in the family. Instead of little cartoon characters I've done in the past, this one just has butterflies, buttons and bows.

Kylie Portrait

The classroom teacher next door to me commissioned a pastel painting of her granddaughter Kylie. This piece was a lot of fun to do. When I first presented the finished work to her she didn't seem all that pleased but later she showed up with it in a gorgeous frame and displayed it in the teacher's lounge for everyone to enjoy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Little Wrangler"

This little fellow is rendered in pastel on Canson Mi Tienes paper and measures 12" x 23.5"

He was created from photos taken of friend's children during our annual Pioneer Day parade. During the weekend everyone dresses in western wear, attends a nationally ranked rodeo and enjoys parties with friends.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Glenrose Church

8" x 10" Colored Pencil on Black Canson MiTienes Paper
These are little, colored pencil drawings from my sketchbook of my childhood, country church. It is now just an abandoned foundation on Highway 64 Northwest of Guymon. It had a tiny little sanctuary with a small basement for Sunday School rooms. Both of my parents were Sunday School teachers and the interdenominational church was originally founded by my grandfather and other pioneers.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Flight of Fancy"

Each December I have my second year and advanced students complete pieces in ink. I demonstrate various ink techniques and speciality pens by creating and finishing a piece with them. When finished, these pieces are then reproduced on adhesive labels as personal bookplates for family, friends and coworkers. "Flight of Fancy" was born from some gel medium transfer exploration where I created and layered transparent images in my altered books. When I stumbled on the face over the butterfly I decided to use that image created using stippling. The flourishes in the background were inspired by some stamps I discovered and the bees just seemed to show up. I then journaled my idea of the theme.

"Can't Make-up My Mind"

This graphite pencil drawing started out eight years ago as a demonstration piece for my advanced students. I was requiring them to complete a self-portrait in some sort of mirror or reflective surface. Each fall, I've pulled the piece out whenever I introduced the assignment and would add a few marks before packing it up again. This Christmas I challenged myself to complete some of stacks of unfinished pieces that were piling up in my studio.

This piece was done from observation looking into an old compact left in my classroom desk by the former art teacher. The fantasy characters just emerged from doodles and playful marks built through my imagination and what I "saw" in the doodles.