I always have mixed feelings when a project is done.  I love seeing the final product but I am also sad that my relationship with the piece is over.....silly, I know.

Just finished putting a coat of gel medium to protect it from the elements and seal the paint. When that is completely cured, I will fold it up and deliver it to the gallery.  As is usually the case, I could continue to add new things and "pop" some more highlights and shadows but I really think I will call this one finished.I am way ahead of the deadline, which also feels REALLY GOOD. 

Now on to my acrylic painting of the Fancy Shawl Dancers for the festival competition.  I won the professional division last year and sold the piece and I'd LOVE to repeat that success.

Here is a close-up of the painting which I think shows the details on the decorative border.

I hope this year's banner catches someone's eye.  I am anxious to see it hanging on a light pole on mainstreet!


Julia Kelly said…
And it looks beautiful- well done!

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