6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I am gradually building up my inventory for my growing list of summer shows.  Early in this series I created a piece about time and it sold pretty quickly.  I decided to reproduce that page but I didn't want to just redraw what I had already done.  I find it really boring to copy something even if it is from my original work. But I've discovered that certain themes and images are popular so I want to include them in my new shows.

For this page I wanted to build something that looked like it was pretty used up.  I have long loved clock faces and have used them quite a bit in my artwork.  I especially like vintage, old clocks that show some wear and tear.  In other pieces I've set the clock to reflect the birth dates of our family members.  In this clock I have the hands at 2:14 which is the birthday of our newest grandchild, Quinn.

While I was working on this piece our family got word that a classmate of Quinn's mother, my daughter Lindsay, had unexpectedly and tragically died.  It's been a very sad week.  As I drew I thought a lot about my precious little Quinn and about Lindsay's childhood friend who died at the age of 30.  I think my feelings came through on this piece - the passage of time and all that transpires with it.


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