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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meeting the Artist, McCreery Jordan

During a recent trip to Santa Fe, NM, Michael I met the artist, McCreery Jordan quite by accident.  I have followed McCreery's work in Southwest Art Magazine and actually have used samples of her work when teaching collage/painting assignments with my advanced art students.  It was a wonderful surprise to be strolling down Canyon Road, walk into a gallery we had never visited and discover her and her work there.

I first noticed McCreery's work in a gallery in Taos, NM a long time ago.  I was taken with her delicate figures and faces painted and overpainted with layers of collage, paint and gesso.  In some cases, she had created 3-D, sculptural reliefs inside her pieces and then layered printed silk images over the relief so part of her painting actually lifts off the surface.  Unfortunately, the Grimshaw Gallery which represented her in Taos has closed with so many others in Taos and across the county.

McCreery was a wonderful host in her gallery/studio space on Canyon Road.  By the time we left, she had given us a couple of her signed, published books and shared a lot of her techniques.  I was particularly excited to see the following painting on display.  It had been featured in Southwest Art Magazine and was the piece which inspired one of my senior, advanced art students to complete her own series of collage pieces.  McCreery seemed genuinely pleased to know that her work was used to inspired and teach others.  You can visit her website and follow her work at  

I think any serious collector would be wise to include her work in their private collection.

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