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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's been a crazy, hectic time in my household as our entire family has been involved in the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.  I'm finally feeling like I have my life back.

 My husband, Michael played Benton Fish, the master of ceremonies.
 My daughter, Lindsay and son-in-law, Aaron played Mitzi Mooney and Chet Farquirk.  Chet was one of the romance novel authors.  Aaron is actually married to my oldest daughter, Kiley.
My daughter, Kiley played Jane Forthright, the head of security who helped to catch the killer.

We closed the show last Sunday afternoon after a month of rehearsals and a great weekend of performances.  I was exhausted but really pleased we pulled it off!

Thankfully, we raised a lot of money, had great audiences and the event pleased the youth shelter coalition. 

Now I'm ready to get back to preparing for my Taos, NM show and enjoying time on my easel.

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Pheasant Run Studio said...

Kristy, I absolutely loved "My Fatal Valentine"; it was a hoot! Everyone did such a great job. Glad to hear it was a success in every way!