What's Down the Road?

I just returned from taking down my art show in Taos, New Mexico.  This was an awesome experience for me and I was thrilled when the owner of the Trading Post Cafe and Gallery invited me to show again in a year.

The question for me now is - What's Next?  I still have quite a bit of inventory left from the kitchen counter series and I am really wanting to explore some new, more challenging subject matter so I'm not sure what I'm doing next.  Thanks to weeks of physical therapy (and three more weeks to go) I am feeling like tackling a new, artistic pursuit.  Right now, however, I'm not exactly sure what's ahead.

Graham's Grille - Taos, NM

This trip to Taos, NM included eating at a different restaurant.  We got reservations at Graham's Grille located just off the historic plaza.  It has been there for years but we've only walked by.  We had a great meal and fabulous conversation with locals.  Michael and I met and visited with the Taos artist, Bill Arms and local realtor, Paul Johnson most of the evening.

Single Pump Gas Station in Truchas, NM

Thanks to good friends who loan us a place to stay in Santa Fe, we left Taos on what is known as the High Road to spend a few days in the "city different."  We have a few favorite spots on the High Road.  One is the bizarre town of Truchas teetering on the edge of a ravine.  It's filled with art studios and one, tiny, single pump gas station.

Miracle Dirt at the Chimayo Chapel

Our next stop is usually Chimayo where we have visited the Sanctuary de Chimayo for years.  It's been fascinating to watch the changes surrounding this ancient mission known for it's miracle, healing dirt.  The congregation has built up the area with all kinds of monuments and outdoor worship sights but the church itself is still the same. 

We arrived right in the midst of Sunday Mass and enjoyed listening to the priest as he prayed for rain for the drought stricken region.  We then peeked into the adjoining room where the miracle dirt is found.  I love this tiny room.  The walls are lined with crutches and canes and all sorts of discarded medical equipment from the faithful who claim miraculous healing.  I was tempted to add my cane to the display but I'm still not at the point I'd claim to be healed.

"Chimayo Chapel"
6" x 8" Colored Pencil

I've created three different paintings of the Chimayo and only have this small, colored pencil still in my inventory.  Who knows.  Maybe I'll work on another one since this place has such a special appeal and primitive beauty or maybe I'll build something out of my stacks of photos or resource files filled with images. 

The easel is set up, the paints are out.  All I need now is some direction.


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