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Saturday, October 01, 2011


This past week I taught some of my artist friends and students a "how-to" about Artist Trading Cards.  I spent a great deal of the week gathering up resources and it sure got my juices going.  I learned a long time ago that having a goal or deadline makes for heightened creativity and productivity so I'm on a quest to have some exciting cards for an upcoming show and swap.  I just needed to garner some interest so others would participate with me.
I really didn't know what the finish piece would be
but I loved these images and papers.

This morning I had the house to myself so I covered my dining room table with all the scraps and supplies I wanted and proceeded to build away.  I've also learned that these tiny works of art require some time to develop.  You may cut and paste but then wait awhile before you know what you want to do to give it some finishing touches.

 My father-in-law is a pro at building all sorts of things.  He made me this mini easel and I think it works great as a means to display a special ATC.  I've always had a "thing" for Mona Lisa so I decided to build her into an ATC.
"Mona Loves Paris"
Mixed Media ATC
2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

And finally - here are the finished cards I built from the two images I discovered.  "The Man in the Moon" includes part of a poem my mother used to recite to me.   "Improvisation" just seemed to suit the hilarious image of the lovely lady using a basket as a hat. 
"The Man in The Moon"
Mixed Media ATC
2 1/2/" x 3 1/2"

Collage ATC
2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

My dining room table is still covered with supplies and I've got a bunch of freshly painted cards drying in my kitchen waiting for the next step of layering stamps, torn papers and images.  So I'm off for more fun.

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Leah said...

Those are amazing!! You are so talented...I love looking at your stuff!!