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Friday, November 18, 2011


"Torn Paper Tiger"
24" x 36"
Torn Magazine Pieces on Foam Board

Just finished the tiger collage created with tiny pieces of torn paper from "O" magazine.

Today was the deadline for my student's to finish their torn paper collage assignments so I made it my personal deadline as well.  I think I may frame this fellow and possibly donate him back to the school.  I'm also not sure how many more of these I want to tackle.  My fingers are really sore from ripping all this paper!

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Anonymous said...

Dudes, my cousin loves Tigers. So I was looking trough a bunch of websites, and this OMG! like wowed me. So I printed off this picture sourced the site and gave it to her. It is now hanging on her wall in a nice frame. Everday she's on your site looking at the Tigers and then recreating her own version of these pictures, whether it be adding something, or taking it away. But she makes sure it's a Kayla origanal. So thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to make her smile. Now if anyone ask's, "What's a good site for picures?" I recomend this one.
So Thank you Young or old, Small or Big, Men or Women. Artist's of this site and out there in the world, where ever they may be. Thank You.......<3