It is always esteeming to having other art teachers want to use lessons I've done in my classroom.  It's especially affirming when a publisher asks to feature your lessons.

I recently had another one of my lessons featured in the online publication, The Student Art Guide.  This is such a rich warehouse of teaching ideas and lessons.
This was a lesson I did a few years ago as a back-to-school warm-up.  I had my students find shirts and jackets with some character and we pinned them to our display panels.  They worked from direct observation and from black and white resource photos to draw their shirts.  They started with photorealistic drawings first.  Their second drawing had to use the same shirt but add interesting, unusual textures and their third drawing had to be an innovative, stylistic drawing of the same shirt.

Thank you, Amiria Robinson, for giving us this terrific attention.

Student Art Guide Link


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