5" x 7" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

I've enjoyed a month long hiatus from creating artwork in my studio.  I've still been busy in my studio but for the past few weeks I've been sorting, cleaning and trying to organize all my art toys.  I love doing lots of different creative projects but it was past time I cleaned and stored my supplies.

This week I started some new drawings to take along with me to my next big art show in Salem, Oregon.  My husband and I plan to leave bright and early Saturday morning for the long drive to the great Northwest.  As I was preparing for the show, I've drawn some new versions of old themes and added a few new subjects like this old tattoo gun and cups of paint.

One of the constants at art shows around the country is all the crowds of inked people.  I think people enjoy the artsy atmosphere of an art show and they want to join in by dressing so their ink shows.  People watching at art shows is incredibly entertaining.  Often the customers far outshine the artists with their creative wardrobes, hair styles and most of all - their tattoos.

I admit I don't have any tattoos myself.  I've never really wanted one and often said, I would only get a tattoo if I could do it myself.


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