"TAP" 6.5" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on an Antique Dictionary Page
While traveling around the country to art shows, I often have customers and patrons ask me for specific themes and images.  It's not unusual to have local dance troupes and performers who are being featured at these event stop by my booth and many have asked that I include more dance themed drawings.

This drawing of well-loved tap shoes (my daughter's shoes were my models) is the result of just such a request.  I love the challenge of drawing something that is basically one color, like these black shoes, and finding ways to add lots of color excitement to my subject.  These old shoes don't have the original shine, but they still catch and reflect the colors around them.

This original may or may not still be available for purchase but prints can be found on my Etsy shop at Print of Tap Shoes Drawn on Antique Dictionary


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