5" x 6" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Dictionary Page

Every time I draw I learn something.  I think art is constant experimentation and exploration and these little dictionary drawings, although simple, have provided me with some terrific problem solving opportunities.  I have been struggling to try and pop some highlights into the drawings but couldn't find anything that added the right, bright white.  I am using micron pens and assorted colored pencils and pastel pencils but I couldn't get any white versions of those materials to show up.

I've thought about getting out a little gouache but I really didn't want to use a wet medium in the drawing stage.  Today I decided to try a little white charcoal BEFORE I started using my colored pencils and "yes-sir-ee-bob" - that worked.  I really like the dash of bright white on the tips of the wings.  I discovered that it just wouldn't stick to the other mediums but it loved to be applied directly to the paper.

Now, if any of you are butterfly specialists be adviced - this fellow isn't really any particular variety.  I just played with patterns and colors and created my very own.  If he resembles any specific butterfly - well, that's another happy accident.


Anonymous said…
Good Morning,

I like your work on the dictonary. It's very expressiv.
I think as you, drawing every day is like Playing an instrument every day.

Have a nice day
Susanne from Berlin, Germany

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