I am trying my mobile blogging app on my iPhone to post. I am curious to see how this works and thought capturing today's art one unit on pattern would be the subject

Pattern is a favorite element of mine and I require my students to apply it often in their assignments so I broke down the basics to start this unit with my art one students. It has served me well to teach the concept early and require it throughout the four years I have many of my talented students.

My Pattern Vocabulary/Worksheet

This is the vocabulary/worksheet I use to lecture about Pattern.  I like breaking down the six types of patterns described in most of the classroom texts I've used.  The six types of patterns include Random Patterns and the five types of Planned Patterns which include (1) Rows, (2) Grids, (3) Radial, (4) Alternating and (5) Half Drop.

I then require my students to create the six types of patterns on 2 1/2" x  2 1/2" squares using their colored pencils.  They must create a set of six using one, repeated image such as a star, heart, flower, skull or any symbol or image they prefer.

I provide a variety of pattern resources including examples of Zentangles.  I like to explain how these popular patterns still fall into the six types of patterns.

After I designed this blog post I discovered that my iPhone app didn't provide me with layout options and spell check.  So this is now the edited version of my original post.  I hope the Blogger folks find a way to add these options to the iPhone app but for now I'll continue to happily blog on my PC.


Tracy said…
Where can I get these Worksheet
for all the lessons? I really
like your stuff. I homeschool
my youngest son, so I thought
this would be great for me and
my son to do.

God Bless
Hi Tracy.

Send me your mailing address and I'll send some worksheets your way.
Meagan said…
I've got to get these worksheets! Challenge my students! I teach art in Texas!
caitlinlim said…
Where can I get the worksheets for these lessons?

Thank you
Winny said…
Tracy, I really like your lesson activities! Please, where can I get these Worksheets
for all the lessons? I'm struggling with creative ideas for for teaching art to challenge my students.
Winny said…
Really like your lesson activities. How can i get your worksheets?

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