5.5" x 7.5" ink, colored pencil & watercolor on distressed dictionary page

I've been successful at creating one of these drawings each day this week.  It's so much fun to play with new art supplies and these simple drawings seem to build themselves.  I have been focusing on doing subject matter that I've already drawn or painted so that has helped me to create so quickly.

When my mother passed away, my sisters and I had the overwhelming duty of cleaning out a home that included many generations of keepsakes and belongings.  In the basement I discovered a damp box of damaged silverware that I hauled home and tucked away for what I had hoped would be some kind of craft or art project.  I have since used them as subjects for me and my students.  Today they seemed to belong in my recent, dictionary page series.  I like the different patterns and tarnished surface of the silverware.

I was creating this series in a square format but no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't crop off the silverware drawing.  I think it works best in a vertical rectangle.  I added the text digitally but have hand lettered the text on some of the pieces that I've given or sold to others.


Julie Miller said…
I really like your dictionary page drawings. The text adds that visual interest - keep going! Where can we purchase them?
Thank you, Julie for your encouragement. I think I will try and build an inventory for a local, spring show. Otherwise I have been selling these to friends and shipping them myself.

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