5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I finished this piece yesterday afternoon and was really not pleased with the outcome.  A couple of other drawings actually were tossed in the trash and I felt pretty discouraged.  Sometimes a piece with create itself with ease and other times drawing and painting can be a real battle - the latter was my experience yesterday.

I am always helping my students rescue a piece when they feel something is ruined.  Fear of messing up and making a wrong choice is a terrible obstacle for artists especially when they have started something that looks great but still needs more attention.  I still lots of my kids stop in their tracks for fear of making a wrong mark or broken hearted after they spill pain, have ink run or a multitude of other problems.  Often we can overcome a problem area but sadly there are times when you just have to appreciate what you've learned and apply it to another piece.

I'm not sure I am fond of this little teacup but I decided it would live to see another day.  I am concerned that the ink values on the cup and saucer are a little too dark and I'm sure I really like the color of the floral design....all choices that someone else may not notice.

Not every piece is a masterpiece and I'm constantly surprised when someone is attracted to a piece that I really didn't think had much merit.  Maybe this little drawing will have an admirer out there somewhere.


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