This post is number 500 for me.

That's 500 entries since I first starting blogging in 2006.  Now I realize that's pretty small compared to most folks but for me it marks an amazing journey.

As a child growing up on a remote farm and ranch on the plains of Oklahoma I would have never imagined (and I have a BIG imagination) that I could sit in my house on a computer or use a mobile phone device I carry around in my pocket to send my artwork out to the universe.

Now posts on my blog, Pinterest, Etsy, Twitter, etc. get me attention across the globe.  That attention has lead to exclusive art shows, representation in beautiful galleries and art sales to people on the other side of the world.  I've corresponded with fabulous and well, a few "unusual" people whom I've only met online through this blog.  On occasion I've actually met some of these great folks in person when I've traveled around the country.

I remember when our family got our first computer.  My girls were small and we were one of the first households I knew who got access to the Internet. I never took a computer class and have had to teach myself how to use Photoshop, scanners, fancy printers and so on.  It's been exciting and things change so quickly I'm rushing to keep up.

So thank you, blog and Internet for opening up an amazing world for me and my art.  Thank you to everyone who stops by, sends a comment and admires or buys my work.  It's a thrilling time for me and I greatly appreciate that 500 posts have made so much happen.


Jeanie said…
Congrats on your 500th! I so enjoy seeing your talented art work and I wish you many years of blogging and continued success!
Aggie said…
Congratulations Kristy! Thanks for being an inspiration and for your support as I began my art journey. Here's to 500 more!

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