Spending an afternoon in my happy, little studio

I love looking at other artist's blogs and websites.  I envy all the inventive layouts and bells and whistles that most of these creative sites have.  I have tried to "gussy up" my blog but sadly, I lack the digital know-how to do much more than follow the established templates.  Anytime I try to jazz things up and do something different, I lose patience and go back to the tried and true look my blog has had since the beginning.

I appreciate everyone who stops by for a look or to leave a comment.  I am still blown away that my work is noticed by folks across the globe and I am extremely grateful for your attention.

I have been ridiculously busy the past few months and have ignored posting but I'm back in my studio building lots of new pieces and I'm looking forward to sharing - even if my site doesn't have interactive video highlights with push button podcasts and digital workshops options. 


Linda B. said…
This is such a wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your studio.

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