Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Parchment
18" x 24"

I have loved working on large pages.  Thanks to a wonderful friend who works at a local print shop, I can work on these 18" x 24" old sheets of fragile parchment that she has carefully digitized with a page from one of my dictionaries.

I got very nostalgic working on this collection of flowers.  Many of the flowers I chose for this piece have significance particularly to the memory of my mother.  She grew up in Kansas and always referred to herself as a sunflower.  She loved to garden but always had an uphill battle to get anything to last in the strong prairie winds with little to no rain.

For this piece I included lilacs which grew around our farmhouse, heavenly blue morning glories which covered our white picket pence in the backyard.  I had to include a group of wild roses to remember the roses my grandmother brought in a covered wagon to plant on our homestead - they still grow there.  I also have lilies of the valley and a single lily just for my granddaughter, Lily Jane.

I included some of my favorites - tulips, pansies, gardening tools and seed packets then topped it off with an hydrangea which were the flowers we used in our youngest daughter's wedding.


Kathy said…
Hi Kristy. I hope you did not get any damage that ravaged Oklahoma last night. I am writing about your May 10th post Flowers. I love everything about this work. I am just now looking into doing some digital work so I was truly interested in your process and the needed programs, apps and computer or iPad setup that would help me with this new journey. Any suggestions for a newbie? Thanks...Kathy Crum
Hi Kathy,

I live in far, Northwest Oklahoma (almost Colorado) and we were spared last night's terrible storms. Thank you so much for asking.

I really don't do a lot of digital work. The dictionary page for this drawing was digitally reproduced and copied onto paper so I could draw directly on the paper.

I have done some Photoshop digital work but am pretty much a newbie myself. I have Photoshop on my Ipad plus I also enjoy and am trying to learn Inkflow, Sketches II, iPastels.

Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by my blog. Get busy and have some fun creating your own work and please share.


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