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Friday, February 07, 2014


Funny what an artist sometimes finds themselves creating.  I have been occupied building all sorts of costumes and props for our upcoming murder mystery dinner theater.  This year I am not only directing the play but I am also playing a tiny role.  My part is that of an elderly showgirl...a real Carol Burnett kinda part.  I wear a ratty nightgown for most of the show but at one point I put on my showgirl outfit over my robe.

The show takes place in a run down 70's disco.  We have rented lights, fog machines and the entire cast has Afro wigs and bell bottoms with platform shoes.  The murder weapon in the whodunnit is a mirror ball.  I didn't want to purchase and destroy a real mirror ball so I've made a couple of them from paper mache' to use as props.  I don't know if I'll ever get the sticky off my fingers and I think I will find little squares of silver wrapping paper in my desk for years.

Here are some cast photos of the characters who are possible murder suspects.

Looks like a lot of fun.  This is all for a great cause - to support our local, emergency youth shelter.

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