7" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary Page

I am trying to buckle down and focus more on creating new dictionary art for an upcoming show in Oklahoma City.  I've really enjoyed playing in my studio the past month and even though I've done some work toward the show, I've done a lot of art and craft work just for me.

My classroom right now has a number of different projects stuffed everywhere and I plan to share some of that later.  But now it's time to focus more on the business side of my studio.  Today I answered another request from costumers to create something that celebrates knitting.  I found this perfect page with a tiny illustration and a child's definition of knit.  I set about to encircle both with yarn and needles.

I have actually knitted a little and a few years ago I had to learn how to do it all over again so I could do it onstage for role I was playing at the local community theater.  Since I was busy knitting while performing I long ago discarded the terrible outcome.  I can say that knitting while moving around (in this case singing and dancing) didn't exactly result in perfect knit one, pearl two.

Just for fun - here is a picture of me in character.  Thank you, Dame Edna, for the glasses.


alarmcat said…
you look great in costume!! good luck with your upcoming show. how exciting!

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