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Thursday, November 05, 2015


Preserved Hydrangeas & Roses in Tin Buckets

This weekend my daughters and I are participating in a local, craft bazaar.  I am going to have artwork and prints and decided to create these little, tin pails for the event.

When my youngest daughter married last year we used all kinds of preserved (dried) flowers in these distressed, tin pails.  I have stacks of them in storage.  I tidied them up and then created miniature versions of dictionary prints to decorate each bucket

Miniature  Versions of my Dictionary Prints

After the wedding I still can't throw away a bouquet of flowers so I've been drying and storing bouquets all year long.  I especially love these tiny roses.  

I love these dried hydrangeas.  Unfortunately they are extremely fragile and easily shatter.  I'm not able to sell these online in my Etsy shop since they wouldn't survive shipping.

I mounted each of the miniature prints on a sheet of copper and wrapped the pails with burlap, lace and different ribbons.  I also decided to distress the tiny prints so match the colors of the pails and dried flowers.

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