It's a wonderful treat to be contacted by Robert Reid of the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) which is our state Public Television station.  Robert is a remarkably skilled journalist and down right fascinating to talk with.  

He is responsible for OETA's programing of the arts program "Gallery."  Due to Covid, he has been restricted from filming his artist features except through virtual contact.  I was thrilled that he got in touch and wanted to interview me.  

What makes this experience even sweeter is that it came about due to promotion from one of my most talented, former art students, Jerrod Smith.  Jerrod currently lives in Oklahoma City and personally knows Robert and put him on my trail.  Isn't that awesome?

So here is my video featured online in the OETA program Gallery.  I love it.  Thank you Robert for your skills and special knack for capturing your subjects.  I look forward to spending more time together.


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