6.5" x 8.5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page
Original SOLD - Prints Available

It's been funny how many different images I've been researching while working on my dictionary page drawings.  I've studied all sorts of subjects that I've never paid much attention to in the past.

A friend asked for a vintage airplane and I honestly didn't know much about planes so I had to dig in and educate myself about the little idiosyncrasies of old biplanes.  As in all of this series of dictionary illustrations, I'm not striving to capture textbook realism but I sure want to draw something that has the essence of my subject matter.  Sometimes these drawings are composites of lots of different images and sometimes I just entertain myself by drawing however I please as long as it can be interpreted as the subject by viewers. 

I'm doing some more experimenting with my mixed media drawings.  I recently had a local printer enlarge a few of my dictionary pages and I am excited to try and do a detailed drawing on the bigger sheets of paper.  I've got them inked and covered with washes waiting for me up in my studio.


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