6" x 8.5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page
Original $50 - Prints $10
I finally found some time to create a few drawings just for myself. This tree was therapeutic to draw since trees can pretty much be whatever you want. My husband has been gone all week teaching advanced debate at a speech camp so I've had lots of alone time to play in my studio. I've got a number of new dictionary pages started and have a beautiful (at least I think so) acrylic painting of my grandfather emerging on my easel.

I have always loved this photo of my grandfather, Winfield Powell taken in a field of his sorghum.  It's a black and white photo but I wanted to create a vivid, Panhandle sunset instead.  I also decided to lower the horizon line so I'd have more space to play with the sky.  It's painted on a piece of Masonite I had cut to fit in an big, old, garage sale frame I found.  I plan to paint and distress the frame before I actually set the Masonite inside.  I just had to see what it looked like last night after I started some details on my underpainting. 

This weekend we head West on a two week adventure to see family and drive up California's coastline. I'm going to pack my art supplies as always and take hundreds of photos along the way.


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