My ideas far outreach my time and checkbook.  I love to craft and create household items as much as I love to make fine art.  I come from a family of seamstresses, crafters and general all around "projecters."  We were raised to keep our hands busy and always have something in the works. I have two very artistic sisters and had a mother with amazing skills with food, fabrics and just about anything her family threw at her. 

Since I posted the newly painted, child's chair I decided to feature some of the other painted projects around my house. (I am not, however, going to showcase the stacks of unfinished projects in my basement and utility room.)

Painted Vintage Lamp Shade
Years ago I bought a vintage, iron, floor lamp for $5.00 which had once been in an old motel in town.  I decided to paint a western landscape all around the fiberglass shade. I had to paint the interior of the shade, too, so the light didn't defuse the images when the lamp was turned on.  I also had to rethread the leather around the top and the bottom.  I know there are more of these lamps in storage around town and I'd like to get my hands on more.

My Roy Roger Rug

I proudly admit to being a huge fan of Roy Rogers.  My favorite TV and movie stars in my childhood were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and I even got to see them in person a few times.  I think they were and still are pretty good heroes for a kid to have.
When we moved into our two story, fixer-upper we immediately yanked up all the terrible carpet to expose pretty good condition wooden floor - at least everywhere except the tiny kitchen.  The kitchen floor was in terrible shape comprised only of water damaged, plank flooring.  My cheapest fix was to repair the cracks, prime it and paint over it until I could afford some professional help. 

Years later I still have my quick fix and I doubt I'll ever change it.  I painted my floor black and then got on my hands and knees and created my one-of-a-kind rug of Roy on his trusty horse, Trigger.

To maintain my Happy Trails I occasionally give it a touch-up and another heavy coat of Polyurethane.
 Kitchen Utensil Drawers
I was given a wonderful set of wooden drawers from my sister-in-law a few years ago and debated for a long time on how to best put them to use.  The drawers originally were from a baby nursery and had adorable wooden blocks as knobs.  I finally opted to create more storage in my cramped kitchen so I set about to paint different "food" designs and patterns on the drawers.  They now house my silverware and assorted utensils and have held up pretty well to daily, continuous use.

My Basement Steps
Probably the craziest paint project in the house are the wooden stairs that lead to two rooms in our basement.  We turned one of the finished rooms into a teen hangout while my daughters were all still living at home.  We tiled the floor, painted the room hot pink and set up dumpster recovered furniture and a TV.  The girls spent a lot of time in the basement and sometimes would sleep there.
I got the bright idea to paint inspirational words on each step.  The project took a lot of time and since the girls have grown up I rarely travel downstairs so these steps have been badly neglected and the entire basement isn't maintained as anything more than added storage or possible protection during a storm (which would be difficult since the two rooms are piled high with boxes and forgotten keepsakes - mostly belonging to my three daughters.)  


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