5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page
Original SOLD (maybe) - Prints Available

I have been waiting to post this drawing.  It is a commissioned piece but the buyer has been dragging their feet about getting back to me.  I've already sold a print of the piece and may post the original in a few days if the buyer doesn't respond soon.

The great fun in creating these dictionary drawings is trying to invent as many colors as I can while still capturing the reality of the subject.  I cropped this drawing back to 5" x 5" but the original actually is still on the full page from the book.

My dictionary pages come from a 1961 elementary dictionary.  The pages are aged (it pains to me to say that something from when I was 5 years old is "aged").  Because the pages are delicate it takes some skill to distress them, draw on them and add many layers of color.  I can claim that I have yet to damage a page so badly while drawing that I've had to discard it but occasionally there are some rough areas and little, tiny holes where the paper has dissolved when marked.

I have actually taken a break from drawing for a few days.  I am enjoying the last few days of my summer vacation and am doing some craft and personal projects in my studio that I've had on my list for some time.  I need longer days and longer summers to complete everything on my lengthy list.  My brain is bad for dreaming up far more than I can accomplish in my limited lifetime.


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