HANDPAINTED CHAIR (My Summer Insanity)

Hand Painted Wooden Chair

Years ago a good friend gave me an adorable table and four chairs set for children.  It was actually in pretty great shape.  We have used the dickens out of it since it is just the right size for my grandchildren and other small fry that might drop by for a visit.  I keep them set up in my living room anytime someone is in the mood for a tea party, Play dough or a snack.

Ever since they arrived at my house I have intended to paint the wooden chairs and table.  I've collected different examples of painted furniture and taken multiple photos of table and chair sets I've found in our travels (one of my favorite is in the little bookstore in Telluride, Colorado)

This summer I was determined to get started on this project.  I never expected it to be so time consuming.  I could have been a little less ambitious with my patterns and design choices but I've dreamed of painting these for a couple of years now.  After about 40 hours of work I have one chair finished.  I don't even wanna think about how much time I'm going to have in this project IF it ever gets finished.

I know that my grandchildren are going to play and eat on this furniture and that the paint is going to chip and scratch away.  I also know that my two year old granddaughter, Lily loves her new butterfly chair.  She even helped me to draw the butterfly on the seat.

Close up of the butterfly design on the chair's seat

After I posted the first chair on facebook and Pinterest, I've had some requests to paint and sell more.  I don't think anyone would pay me what it would take to do these for sale especially considering the time involved.
Close-up of the painting details on the spindles

My husband carried a second, wooden chair up to my studio yesterday so I can begin painting it with gesso before I start to add the acrylic underpainting.  I've got more ideas than I can possibly use but my time is running short.  We'll see when and if any more get done anytime soon.


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