Every November I create original bookplates for friends and family and I've had requests to make these items available for purchase.  It's exciting to have people take an interest in something I make and I've been thinking about how best to sell bookplates for quite a while.

Well, today I pulled the trigger on including bookplates of my dictionary drawings and my black ink drawings in my online Etsy shop.  I hope my planning pays off and I've got a good product ready to go.

One of the tricks to any good shop is quality merchandise.  One of the obstacles (I felt) to having a nice, self-adhesive bookplate was a quality paper that would print well, hold up and not have the manufacturer logo written on the back.  I recently located self-adhesive paper that comes in a matte finish and appears to be nice and sturdy.  It is also plain on the back, peel-away surface.

Next came experimenting with various methods of packaging my bookplates.  I knew I wanted something attractive that would protect but still show off my artwork.  I was pleased to locate some relatively inexpensive cellophane sleeves that do the job.  I plan to add an insert in each little pocket about my studio.

So after a lot of hours of trial and error, I am busy posting my new merchandise in time for what I hope are possible, holiday sales.  Due to the man hours involved in personalizing, cutting and packaging these items I have priced them a little above some other bookplate sellers.  I also think the original artwork is worth some extra - at least I hope so.

We'll soon see.  Let me know what you think.


Aggie said…
Hi Kristy. I finally purchased the Artist bookplates as a Christmas gift to myself! You've inspired me to try this as a gift to some of my book loving family. May I ask what adhesive paper you use? Thanks!

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