6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Dictionary Page

This is a drawing I've wanted to do ever since I was first shown the picture by my Mother-in-law.  Now this isn't an original drawing but my reproduction of an actual invention and I think I can claim the right to recreate it on a dictionary page.  You see the inventor that originally created this drawing was my husband's Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

You may have seen this drawing posted around the Internet.  It's not hard to find but I never had noticed it until my Mother-in-law shared it a few months ago.  During her searches for family history she discovered it and has since uncovered the connection to our family.  It was an actual, serious invention for a flying apparatus a person could harness and use.  The patent for the invention was granted on March 6, 1889 to Mr. R. J. Spalding.

I'm not sure what happened to this invention - if it was ever created or tested or whether it worked or not. But I can't argue that it is an amazing idea in aviation so wanted to give it some notice in my work.


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