I have been so anxious to share a recent, artistic opportunity that I've got to do.  A great friend in California contacted me and asked if I would donate a piece of artwork for their school arts program fundraiser.  I was so excited to be included in a long list of over 400 artists from around the country.  This list included celebrities, film makers, children, established and up-and-coming artists from around the country.

Last night the event was held and it looked amazing.  My work was right there with the likes of Conan O'Brien and illustrator for "The New Yorker," Gary Baseman to name a few.  Each contributor was given a small piece of watercolor paper and told to create whatever they wanted for the auction.  

I selected a small, antique dictionary for the support for my work and I decided to illustrate the word "Journey."  I thought journey was a suitable subject for this artistic adventure.  My dictionary page was pretty fragile to I dry mounted it directly to the provided watercolor paper.  I added a simple watercolor wash on the background.

Here is a photo taken at last night's event.  It looks amazing.  I wish I had been able to attend.  I am very grateful to my friend, Alexandra for including me.  I love supporting worthy causes and helping to build a better fine arts program for Burbank schools is a treat.

To see more about this fun event, see photos of the work and a list of the artists involved  here is their website.

The Secret Art Show Website

It's not a secret anymore and who knows, I might eventually learn who purchased my work....


Unknown said…
Kristy, I so wish you guys had been here for the Secret Art Show. It was AMAZING! We were blown away by the art as each piece arrived - more than 580, by the end I lost count. As we "hung" the show yesterday in ABT Studios (a film and TV sound stage) and each part of the space came together squeals of excitement and discovery could be heard coming from our team about the discovery of each tiny masterpiece. But, never having done this kind of thing before, we had no way of knowing if people would come. You know that 5 minutes before the party starts insecurity of "will they come?" When we saw the lines out the door, my heart almost exploded. It was probably the most fun I've had with a fundraiser in my life, and we FAR surpassed our financial goal. WOW. Thank you a million times for being a part of it, and lending us your talent and inspiration. Much love to you and Michael.
Anonymous said…
Your amazing work was purchased by one of our partners and my friend Mary-Elizabeth Michaels. Mary-Elizabeth is the Director of Community Affairs for Warner Bros. Entertainment.

THANK YOU for your contribution, talent and generosity.

Trena Pitchford, Director of Development Burbank Arts for All Foundation

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