"Teddy Bear"
6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

Occasionally I will get a suggestion for a dictionary page that strikes my fancy.  A customer on Etsy recently asked if I would do a drawing of a Teddy Bear.  I though that was a great idea so here he is.

After raising three daughters I have a nice collection of Teddy Bears.  I also have an enormous, stuffed bear I purchased back in college when my mother and I took a trip through Alaska.  I found and bought it before we were actually in Alaska and I ended up lugging the thing for weeks on a cruise, on a train, in assorted buses and even on an airplane.  My mother probably did most of the lugging - without complaint I'm sure.

MANY years ago I even made a teddy bear for my middle daughter.  I remember I was choking and snorting from all the loose fur I stirred up while trying to cut and sew with furry fabric.  It turned out a lot like the bear in this drawing with the exception of a ballet tutu I had to include for my little ballerina.

This little guy isn't too furry and I wanted him to look a little worn and loved.  I'm not sure why his face turned out to be somewhat sad but maybe he hasn't had anyone notice him for awhile.  Come to think of it, I need to go find my friend from Alaska and give him some attention, too.


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