I am not a computer whiz kid.  The darn things weren't around when I was in school so everything I do on a computer I've had to teach myself.  I've become very dependent both in my classroom and in my studio on computers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.  In order to create my prints and have an online presence with my artwork I've needed to use graphics software.

Well, this past month my classroom computer died.  It didn't just sputter and pass away quietly.  With it went hundreds of vital files and all my graphics software.  Thanks to our handy-dandy computer technician (who also happens to be my son-in-law) my files were rescued.  But since my old computer was ancient, all of the software I have learned and used is now outdated.

I now have a slightly used laptop and my son-in-law has equipped it with a mouse, keyboard and monitor which is wonderful since the learning curve on a laptop was about to undo me.  I am now installing new software and trying to teach this old dog new tricks.  


Good luck! Technology can be wonderful but on the other hand it can ruin your day.
Unknown said…
When a computer crashed, it can really cause headaches especially when it’s beyond repair. Thankfully, your son-in-law/computer technician were able to rescue all of your files. At least you won’t have to do everything from the scratch. And you also got a new laptop. So it all ended well.

Cordia Remsen @ RB's computer services

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