Honey Bee
4.5" x 6.25" Mixed Media Drawing on a Distressed, 1890's Edition Dictionary

This drawing is special to me primarily because it is drawn on the page of dictionary from the 1890's - it's on a book printed 124 years ago.  I also love the small dimensions of the page.

As I've picked up steam with my dictionary drawings, friends and relatives have given me all sorts of old dictionaries.  I especially like using elementary dictionaries due to their simple definitions and illustrations but finding used books is becoming more and more of a challenge.

My family gave me a lovely book some time back and I just didn't have the heart to mark in it.  I knew it was old and I was pretty sure the pages were too brittle to stand up to much drawing.  This weekend I was pulling pages to start drawings for my upcoming, summer art shows when I noticed this book and discovered some of the pages were damaged and written across.  I decided to give a page a try.  I loved working on it and hope to build some more drawings.

I had to erase and clean-up the Honey Bee page but I love the fact that I have found a way to preserve a book with this much age and beauty.

The other quandary when creating this drawing was whether to write Honey Bee or Honeybee.  I'm certainly no expert and even the page uses both versions.  After some research I discovered that both are considered correct these days but that most entomologists prefer Honey Bee.  Honey Bee it is!


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