12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Parchment

The joy of creating art is entertaining my many interests.  I am fascinated and intrigued by all sorts of odd things and creating my dictionary drawings has given me an excuse to play with many unusual subjects.  
Drawing a page of common moths was a great deal of fun.  I've always thought these insect were beautiful so I wanted to include everyday varieties plus a few showoffs.  In some ways I think these guys are prettier and more interesting than butterflies.  

Growing up in rural Oklahoma, the most common moth is a nuisance.  My mother referred to them as Millers.  There have been seasons when these pests overwhelmed our home and barns.  They would nest in our closets and eat holes in our clothes and leave a nasty dust everywhere they went.  I still thought they were interesting.  I included a Miller in the bottom left of my drawing.

I love the freedom of drawing what I want from time to time.  I keep in mind the potential for selling a piece and I try to focus on creating commercial work for art shows but I still want the joy of drawing and painting for my own satisfaction.  If someone else appreciates or relates to my subject choices - well, then I've found a kindred soul.


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