My spring and summer is getting very busy.  I have four big shows on my calendar and am waiting to hear back from two more - that's about all I think I can handle in addition to building inventory for two galleries, managing the sale of prints on Etsy and my full time plus job as a high school teacher.

It's competition time in my classroom and today I make a quick drive up to Kansas to pick up student artwork in time to relabel and pack it for a monster competition in a week.  Next week I will be going nuts matting a few hundred pieces of work and trying to prepare for a substitute to take the reins while I travel with my kids.  Also - next week is our school prom and I'm one of the junior class sponsors responsible for building, supervising and tearing down the event....pray for me!

My first big show of the year is only three weeks away.  It's a week long show in downtown Oklahoma City.  I have a lot of new inventory ready but still a ton of work to produce and frame.  I am putting together a lot of prints and designing a different booth display with uniform frames.....whew! That's a lot to do in a very short time.

You will find me in booth 34D at the Oklahoma Festival of the Arts April 22nd - 27th
The festival provides large tents that are divided into four exhibit spaces for artists.  I am excited to be a part of this enormous festival.  I've attended the show a few times and actually can't believe I am now a part of the festival.

My second show will take me back to OKC over Memorial Day for the beautiful Paseo Art Festival in the Paseo Arts District.  It is a fabulous area of OKC with a Spanish Mission flare and lots of working art studios, galleries and eclectic shops.  I did this show for the first time last year and loved it.  I am really looking forward to being back.


I just got word yesterday that I was invited to participate in a show in Grand Haven, Michigan.  This show is the last weekend of June and takes place in a gorgeous little beach community on Lake Michigan. The photos of the area feature light houses and long beaches - pretty different from tumbleweeds and the miles of prairie where I live.   I applied for this show as part of an East coast circuit that would enable my husband and I to travel that direction.  


Show #4 is scheduled for July 4th in the Berkshires.  I can't wait to spend some time in this resort-like area.  It's just a week after the Michigan show so the challenge is going to be having the right amount of inventory to do two shows back to back.

I hope to meet a lot of new people, make enough sales to make our travels worth while and I'm extremely excited to see some parts of the United States I've never seen.  Come see me if you are close and I'll post when I know if I have any additional show dates.  Meanwhile drop by the WOW! Gallery in Santa Fe, NM or the Wild Horse Gallery in Guymon, OK to see my work.


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