So excited to finally get some photos of the gallery/shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico that is selling my artwork.  It's a tiny little space called the WOW! Gallery and it is located a block and half from the historic plaza.  I visited the owners during Christmas break and delivered some artwork but haven't been able to go back to see it hanging.

I love the shop's logo.  It is a whimsical font with the dot on ! a red dot.  The red dot is a universal marking placed on sold artwork.  I think that's pretty clever.

My work is in the front wall near the door.  Again, this is a tiny space but IT'S SANTA FE one of the top art markets in the country.  The space is charming and beautiful and suits my dictionary drawings.  I think they have a lovely display with great lighting and exposure.  The store is filled will all sorts of handmade items, sculptures and paintings.

The gallery owners recently contacted me to let me know that some of my artwork has sold.  This has been a life long dream and I am thrilled to be represented in Santa Fe.  I hope to visit soon.


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