9" x 11.75" Mixed Media Drawing on Unabridged Dictionary

As the OKC Festival of the Arts looms closer I am busy creating inventory.  Monet had his haystacks, Degas had his ballerinas and Picasso had his women (lots of women).  I have redrawn some of my most popular work from time to time like any good business woman would do.  It is boring and sometimes even painful to just reproduce a piece exactly after it has sold.  I prefer to change it up a bit and do it a little differently from it's older brothers. My first and second sew drawings are long gone so I've created another but have changed things a bit.

I grew up with sewing and had a mother and two sisters who are extremely gifted seamstresses.  I was active in 4-H during my childhood and sewing competitions were a constant event.  I still enjoy sewing and doing needle work when I find the time.  I am not a real stickler for straight seams and making lined jackets anymore.  I much prefer making puppets and dress-up costumes for my grandchildren (and me).

This piece is on an adult, unabridged dictionary.  That means it has some "colorful" words and definitions.  Who knew that sew and sex would be such happy neighbors.  Using these larger books means I can create more images on a page but its an adventure to build around "adult" words.


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