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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Dictionary Page

I have more ideas than time these days to complete a series of drawings on distressed, dictionary pages.  I still like the look of the Sepia brown Micron pens and am really pleased that they are lasting through a lot of drawings.  It's a really busy time at school with the third nine weeks wrapping up this Friday.  My students are just finishing paper mache' mask making and pastel painting.  I am extremely busy preparing printmaking supplies and watercolor brushes, paints and papers for new units.  My afternoon classes are heavily into colored pencil skill building and about to study a unit on patterns.  We also just hung our first competitive show of the year in a gallery in Kansas.  Whew!!!  My room is cluttered with supplies coming and going!

Back to the dictionary series.....
A couple of these drawings are already spoken for and shipped off to new homes.  I hope to complete enough for a booth at our spring art festival - which means digging up funds for frames.  Since I've been getting such a positive response about this series, I plan to investigate the cost of making some Giclee prints.

This morning I borrowed a French dictionary from the French teacher down the hall from my classroom.  I think some drawings on copies of a French dictionary would be lovely to try.

Back to my classroom and hopefully some time for playing.

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